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Group 2

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Group 2 Учебный проект " USA DOLLARS"

Teamwork dolla usa.jpg Dollar2.jpg

In 1853, Hollywood was just a small hut. But in 1886 this house was bought by D.Uizli. He named his farm Hollywood.  First, Hollywood was at 16 kilometers from Los Angeles, but in 1903 ​​Hollywood became part of Los Angeles.

D.W. Griffith shot the first film in Hollywood - "In the old California".A place for the first film was chosen because there were picturesque streets, which make it easy to create the right atmosphere of the time and place.There is also a good climate and the general atmosphere.

Los angeles street.jpgLos angeles street1.jpg

The most famous places: Capitol Records, Hollywood Walk of Hollywood Sign, Kodak Theatre, Hotel Hollywood Roosevelt.

Capitol records.jpgHollywood walk of frame.jpgHollywood sign.jpgHotel holliwood roosevelt.jpg

Famous actors of Hollywood are:

Брэд пит.jpg Дж депп.jpgВивьен ли.jpg Де витто.jpgМ монро.jpg

10 facts about Hollywood we have learnt:

1. First, Hollywood was just an advertisement of new residential neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

Первый факт.jpg

2. British actress Peg Entails, not having achieved recognition in Hollywood jumped off the letter «H» Hollywood Sign.

Второй факт.jpg

3. During World War II, Oscar statuettes were made of plaster.

Третий факт.png

4. Over time, the letters on the signboard of Hollywood began to fall. 

Четвертый факт.jpg

5. "Star" given for contributions to the film industry, audio, the development of theater, television  and radio.

Звезда дается.gif

6. The first star, planted in the "Walk of Fame", February 9, 1960, owned by Joanne Woodward.

Пятый факт.jpg

7. The only figure in art, who has all five posters on the star is Gene Autry.

Шестой факт.png

8. The Kodak Theatre was opened in the heart of Hollywood in November 2001.

Седьмой факт.jpg

9. In Hollywood, movies are shown every where: on the stands and on posters and on the big screens, and even in cemeteries.  

Восьмой факт.jpg

10. The term "Hollywood smile" was coined by the French dentist Charles Pincus.

Девятый факт.jpg

Marilyn Monroe.

Мерлин монро 52.jpg Мерлин монро55.jpg

Marilyn Monroe was an American actress, singer, model and showgirl. Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1, 1926, in the Los Angeles County Hospital as Norma Jeane Mortenson. Her parents divorced before her birth. Up to seven years Monroe lived with foster parents because her mother could not provided her. After that she lived with friend of her moth.

Мерлин монро51.jpg Мерлин монро57.jpg

When she was with her first husband she worked in the Radioplane Munitions Factory. . During that time, David Conover of the US Army's 1st Motion Picture Unit noticed her and snapped a series of photographs. Then she signed a contract with the agency and began working model.

Мерлин монро53.jpg Мерлин монро58.jpg

Marilyn Monroe's first role was a telephone operator in The Shocking Miss Pilgrim in 1947. Also she had roles in films:

1. Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay!

2. Ladies of the Chorus

3. Love Happy

4. A Ticket to Tomahawk

5. Right Cross

6. The Fireball

7. The Asphalt Jungle

8. All About Eve

9. Love Nest

10. As Young as You Feel

11. Home Town Story

12. Let’s Make It Legal

13. Clash by Night

14. We’re Not Married

15. O. Henry’s Full House

16. Monkey Business

17. Don’t Bother to Knock

18. Niagara

19. Some Like It Hot

20. The Prince and the Showgirl

21. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

22. There’s No Business Like Show Business

23. River of No Return

24. The Seven Year Itch

25. Bus Stop

26. Let’s Make Love

27. The Misfits

28. Something’s Got to Give

Мерлин монро54.jpg Мерлин монро 56.jpg

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