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10 Погодных Идиом

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10 Weather Idioms & Their Russian Equivalents
10 Погодных идиом и их русские аналоги

Идиома (от греч. ἴδιος «собственный, свойственный») - это устойчивое сочетание слов, которое невозможно перевести отдельно, так как смысл его теряется. Для этого и следует знать ее точное значение.

English Idiom (Идиома на английском)
Meaning (Значение)
Example (Пример употребления)
Russian Equivalent (Русский аналог)
1. Indian summer a period of warm sunny weather in late autumn
or early winter in the Northern Hemisphere,
usually occurring after a period of cold or frosty weather
July, August and September have been cold and wet,
so we're hoping for an Indian summer this year.
«бабье» лето
2. To save for a rainy day to save for a rainy day is to save something (especially money)
for a time in the future when it might be needed unexpectedly
I'm saving £50 a month for a rainy day. откладывать на черный день
3. On cloud nine extremely happy He was on cloud nine
after she agreed to marry him.
на седьмом небе от счастья
4. A ray of hope a small chance that something positive will happen News headline: New research is a ray of hope
for cancer treatment.
луч надежды
5. To break the ice to do or say something that makes people feel less shy,
nervous or embarrassed, and more relaxed, in a social setting
Sometimes it can be hard
to break the ice when you meet someone new.
растопить лед (в отношениях)
6. Raining cats and dogs raining very hard Don't forget your umbrella:
it's raining cats and dogs!
лить как из ведра (букв.: «Дождь
льёт кошками и собаками»)
7. To sail close to the wind to do something that is dangerous or
only just legal or socially acceptable
He sailed close to the wind with
his jokes about his mother-in-law.
искушать судьбу
8. The tip of the iceberg a small, easily visible, part of a problem –
there is much more to the problem than is immediately obvious
I've tidied the kitchen but
it's just the tip of the iceberg
the rest of the house is a mess.
вершина айсберга
9. To have a face like thunder to look very angry My father had a face like thunder
when he saw the broken window.
"потемнеть" лицом
10. To have one's head in the clouds to be out of touch with reality,
to have ideas and thoughts that are not sensible or practical
He has his head in the clouds
if he thinks he's going
to get that promotion.
витать в облаках

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