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Учебный проект Школа юного экскурсовода (на английском языке)

I want to tell about my school. Our school is big and beautiful.


There are 303 classrooms. They are: English, Russian, Maths, Music, Handicraft, Nature Study, German, History, Art, Literature and Computer classrooms.

In my school there are 5 gyms, a library, a canteen, the doctor's room and an Assembly Hall.

P8 sportzal.jpg


A01-17 4.jpg

We have two green houses and pupils' cloak room. There are four floors in my school. There are teachers' room, teachers' cloak room and the Head Mistress' room on the ground floor. We have special equipment in all classrooms. Next to the canteen there are different wall newspapers. Between the library and the exit we have a Reading room. In the Assembly Hall we always have meetings which our pupilslike a lot. Teachers in my ideal school are qualified,clever and careful. They often go to the café,museums, shops and other cities and countriside with their pupils. The teachers give excellent marks for children.They give us the knowledge and do not give homework. They are funny. Pupils are good and they aren’t late for the lessons. They can choose clothes for school. Pupils have three school days,four free days and four lessons every day from 1:20pm till 4:10pm. They have 20 min. lessons and 30min breaks. Pupils have menu in the canteen and they can choose any food they want. I like my school!



New project.

Учебный проект " USA DOLLARS"


Iдоллар 3.jpg

Достопримечательности 3.jpg

The Statue of Liberty is one of the main sights of New York City and the symbol of liberty of all Americans. It’s the statue of a graceful woman with the flare in her hand, which lights the world. The structure of the woman is colossal. Its total height is about 93 meters. The woman only, without the flare and the base, is 46 meters. When visitors want to reach the spiky crown of the statue they should overpass 356 stairs. The Statue of Liberty is situated on the Liberty Island, which is not far from Manhattan. The full name of the statue is “Liberty Enlightening the World” and it was presented to the USA by people of France on 28 October 1886 . The statue symbolizes liberty and democracy of American nation. Another wonderful symbol is the crown on the head of Statue of Liberty. It has seven rays on it, which symbolize seven continents and seven seas. The crown also contains 25 windows symbolizing earthly gems and heavenly rays, which illuminate the world. The Statue of Liberty is almost always open for visitors. People arrive here by ferry and then climb on top of the structure, where the museum of statue’s history is situated. People can also see well the spectacular New York Harbor from the top of the statue. Each year millions of tourists from all over the world visit the Statue of Liberty and remember this trip for a lifetime.

Iзнаменитости 1.jpg

Abraham Lincoln is one of the most famous American presidents. He is the 16th president of the USA. Thanks to him the country successfully went through financial, military, moral and other types of crisis. He was also the person who put an end to the slavery. Lincoln was proclaimed the national hero of the American people. Abraham Lincoln was born on the 12th of February 1809 in Hodgenville, state Kentucky, in a poor family. He became the president at the age of 51. Not everybody was happy at first when he was elected, but later he managed to make friends with some of his opponents in the government and was able to attract them to work towards common goals. Abraham Lincoln still remains one of the best and most beloved presidents of America. Lincoln has become the first American president who was killed. On the April 14th 1865 Lincoln was killed in a theater. Nowadays, in honor of Abraham Lincoln there is a great memorial, located in the heart of Washington. The memorial also symbolizes the faith of the president that all people should be free. The building is supported by 36 columns, which is the number of states at the time of Lincoln's presidency.

New project.


We got back from our trip of Turkey on 3d August 2014 at 1.00 a.m. or 2.00 a.m. I was very tired and I wanted to sleep. My mother, my father and I went fort 10 days. We flew by plane and we stayed in Side in very big hotel with many villas and aquapark. I and my father were on rafting. It was very funny. The weather was hot but water was very cold. There was beautiful mountains on the both sides of the fast mountain river. We saw ancient bridge. We else swam in the sea and swimming pools, sunbath on sand and went shopping. I like this wonderful trip and I took many photographs! But I didn`t make friends with anybody.


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