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The name of the whole blog: Lina's blog. Date: The 18th of December. Title of blog post: My tour to Greece. I got back from my tour of Greece 7 month ago.It took us a long time to fly home, but I was very happy and I said:"Home, sweet home!" My family and I went for two weeks. Dad by excursions and we travelled a lot. We visited lots of places.We saw the Cameros .It is the very old town, but it was weary nice!Food in Greece was delicious , because it was very exotic. My favorite was coffee Frappe. There were a lot of people in Greece. They were very friendly and happy every day. They always smiles and says good words to another people.And I made friends with one girl, called Sonya. She lives in Ukraine .She is 7 years old, but it was very interesting to play with she.I schooled her mother to visit me at home and she said YES! I took a lot of photographs because I like to take a photo! I thought it was wonderful tour in very nice and beautiful country. I want to come back again!

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