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Учебный проект Школа юного экскурсовода (на английском языке)


My school is big. My school has four floors. There are two computing classes in my school. My school has a Library and a big canteen. It has many classrooms. There are many good teachers in my school. It has a big assembly hall and two gyms. There is a stadium in front of my school. There is a swimming pool next to my school.

In my ideal school after classes children go to the cinema, to the swimming pool, some children go to the extra classes; some children go home to do homework. In my ideal school teachers give little homework , so children do this quickly, then some children go dancing, singing, they attend sports clubs or Music Class. Children like to play on the tablet, computers, surfing the Internet. They take part in different concerts and listen to music on their telephones. Children go to the theatre.



School in my dreams is big and beautiful. In my fiction school there isn`t any uniform. Instead of textbooks and copybook there will be electronic books or tablets. In my fictional school there will be only good and obedient pupils. One lesson lasts 30 minutes. Lesson in my school are: English, Russian, Literature, Maths, Nature study, Art, P.E., Handicraft, Music, History, Сhemistry, Physics, German, French . Teachers will be well educated and they will be funny. My school will travel around the world. There is a swimming pool near my dreaming school. On music lesson children will listen music they like. In Art class childre will have free theme. There is a very very big and very very long sport ground and two big playgrounds.





P859580938h big.jpg


New project.

Учебный проект " USA DOLLARS"


Cathedral sobor

Cathedral of Saints Peter and Poul or the Washington sobor-main cathedral of the Anglican Episkopal Church of the United States, located in Washington. The building of the Cathedral is the sith largest in the world and the second in the United States. When arhitect laying the foundation stone of the Cathedral of September 29, 1907, this event was attended by Theodore Roosvelt. The tempe is huge and it's interior is also sustained. Inside it is decorate with more than 200 windows with a variety of mosaics. The fact that the modern Church, resemles a very popular "outer box" dedicated to landing a man on the moon. Also, hereare 10 very different in design chapels.


John Kennedi


John Kennedy was born on the 29 of May in 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts. His family, who had Irish roots, was very rich. Parenting father demanded that he was around the first instilled from an early age John Kennedy resistance and the desire to achieve success in all. Although since childhood Kennedy back ached, and he subsequently suffers from Addison, him never noticed signs of weakness. In 1940 he graduated with honors from Harvard University. Then, during the US entry into the war he joined the Navy at the end of which was twice decorated for bravery. After the war, Kennedy spent some time correspondent activity, then began to try his hand at politics. In 1947 he was elected a member of the House of Representatives of the Democratic Party, and the defeated opponent by a margin of five times. Later, Kennedy was twice re-elected. In 1952, Kennedy ran for the Senate. Despite the advantages of the Republicans, Kennedy won. A notable fact biography Kennedy considered that his first election victory was partly a kind of "answer" the grandfather of his rival Senator G.Lodzha who won ancestor Kennedy on the Senate election in 1916.

New project

A wonderfull tour.

We got back from our tour of Bulgaria todays morning. It took us a short time to fly home, and we were allvery tired, when we arrived. I went to bed and dreamed about Bulgaria.

My mother and I went for two weeks. We swim in Black Sea, we trawelled in old Nesebar, Bularian's village and in resort Sunny Beach. Food in our hotel was very delicios! My favourite was fried bacon.

I met some very nice people,and I made friends with one girl, called Aliona. She is younger then me, she is ten. We talked about our life, she told me about her family, her life, her school.

I took lots of fotos. It was a wonderfull tour in very beautiful country-Bulgaria.



In Nesebar


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